Studio Exercise Week 1



For my studio exercise this week I created a post/boarder around my object. My object I’ve chosen to work with this semester is a pocket dictionary. I was influenced to use some of the quotes from the reads to surround the pocket dictionary, but I also want my piece to be interactive. When you take the pocket dictionary out there is a square hole in the poster-boarder leaving this space where there is nothing, no context just like Barnett Newman’s “zips” he describes as not having any medium in them and ground all around these vertical splices. I was intrigued with the concept of using spatial matter in my piece as well as working in all the new theory information so I quoted some of the more interesting quotes that resonated with me. I think that space is always loaded with meaning and is very common in modern art today negative space etc. A lot of the things we learned in the reading explained sublime, beauty, symbolism, language, and communication. I figured this would tie in nicely with my dictionary which is a book of language and symbolism and how art is a means of communication and without the dictionary representing language or the use of words it all means nothing thus giving us – space. At first I was lost as to which path I would take when picking an object so I read first which I knew we weren’t supposed to do but I realized as I was reading there were still so many complex words I didn’t know and I found myself continually looking up definitions to understand. I also grew up with a very harsh learning disability, learning to read at a very late age. So, a dictionary seemed to be the best object. I also went to an exhibit this summer by Zoe Nelson which was a large cut out series so I think exploring with space was the best route. I was also inspired to make the bordering poster in black and white because of our reading by Craig Owens where he talks a lot about Rousseau’s quote

“It is the drawing, the imitation, which gives life and spirit to these colors. The passions they express are what stir ours; the objects they represent are what affects us. Colors entail      no interest or feeling at all. The strokes of a touching picture affect us even in a print. Without   these strokes in the picture, the colors would do nothing more.” (Grammatology, Rousseau)





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