Studio Exercise #2

Zinnia Upson


Studio Exercise #2


For my object in the studio exercise this week I decided to explore the concept of productivism and fluxism from the text book. I think that the concept of fluxus goes extremely well with my choice of objects; the pocket dictionary, a common household object used every day for all ages, simplistic, yet can be shown in so many aspects. The text book discusses quite a bit about the relationship of object and presentation. There is a fine line between piece and frame and whether one can exist without the other, because your piece will always have a boarder as I explained in my critical response; space, crop, a physical frame, or even the edge of the paper on which one works. My exercise this week I made an empty frame out of dictionary pages to show the space where the piece “should” be but the actual piece is the frame made up of the pages of definitions. Dictionaries are the frame work of communication and without the basics of language we would not have the means of communication we have today. By ripping out the pages from their bindings, I tried to represent the bindings of language and how I took apart a common item and made it into something with meaning, that anyone could have done. I came up with this idea when talking to my mom, who made shadow boxes in college art classes. She brought up an artist she really enjoys named Joseph Cornell, who explores when frames become part of the piece or the entire piece. I came up with making a frame when I was thinking about how to create something different from last week while still diving deeper into language and I enjoy making three dimensional pieces so I started with looking up the blue prints to make a cube to make this paper frame. I ended up just put the dictionary down and started surrounding it with pages and ended up doing my own type of frame.

(the dictionary is not apart of my piece this week just for showing the thought process)




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