exercise 3

Studio exercise  3

For this week’s exercise, I made a collage of sorts. The topic was Semiotics and Allegory both of which are about symbols and meanings. I decided to use the term ““woman as image, man as bearer of the look”. Because It was used both in the text book and in the reading. In the textbook page 658 Mulvey’s famous quote is mentioned to explain the thought behind women existing primarily for men to enjoy, visually, physically. Another quote mentioned in the second article is about the men’s curiosity and wonder of the female figure I wanted to show this over equalization in my piece and add in confusion of men not understanding the female anatomy but only really knowing the outside of female bodies. I decided to show this by drawing out the hip and pelvic bones and then I painted ovaries and cut those out to give the collage contrast in color, I did the bones in pencil to show the mediocracy of them and how everyone knows the human bone structure. Then I painted the ovaries in different shades of red. I glued the ovaries onto of the bones and then mounted the bones and ovaries to a background sheet in which I gather many definitions of words that came to mind when thinking of my project. I then put a little man peering into the hole where the spinal cord goes to create the illusion of confusion and wondering “what’s down there?” I struggled this week with incorporating the object I selected because I wanted to do something different than the last two weeks.


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