exercise 4

This week’s studio exercise was on authorship and originality. I found it hard to connect all the coerces back to this whole topic. I wanted to explore Morris’s idea of “most patently unalterable property, shape does not remain constant, the viewer changes shape by changes in positioning relative to the work” (textbook page 569) Morris creates these large three dimensional shapes that are there to challenge the idea of space and really what the viewer perceives these large objects as. I wanted to create something with my dictionary kept in mind such as his. So, I made a bunch of Z’s from dictionary pages. I wanted to explore this concept of perception and authorship at the same time while doing Z’s for my name but they are also a very visually pleasing letter because of the Zig zag of the form of a Z. I wanted to do a bunch of Z’s and organized them differently to give you a bunch of different views of them. I chose to use pages from the Z section of the dictionary. I also like the idea of using Z’s because of its originality because there are so few words that start with Z so it is unique. By taking the Z’s and arranging them differently around the table it gives the viewers more perception of the different ways to view a Z and the depth of the letter and how shape doesn’t remain constant. I wanted to relate this to the idea of communication is always changing and my idea behind it was growing up I learned differently and so teachers would always have to find a different way to teach simple things to me so I could perceive the information correctly.IMG_5415.JPG


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