Zinnia Upson



Studio Exercise 5

This week we studied Postmodernism and Consumerism. We read a lot about the style of postmodernism and how it was impacted by consumerism and society. The article also brought up some points about linguistics. For my critical response, this week I wanted to explore the concept of Commodity. To tie my original concept of Communication and the pocket dictionary, I thought of communication and how it comes into play with in the process of trade and value. Even going way back in history, people could trade even with the language barrier due to value of the commodity. Now today I see language as a commodity. As consumers, we buy language whether its through tuition or taxes, we pay for the schooling to learn language and that is the basis of how we understand and communicate in the world everyday. This week I thought about how I could portray language and communication as commodity, because for so many people it is not a born-privilege some people must learn it at a later age, thus bringing in the dictionary. To give the sense of trade, I wanted to use photography to show the action of buying the commodity of a dictionary. I had to decide between what was going to be pictured, and how many pictures I was going to use. I decided to do three, one picture finding the book in the bookstore, then I wanted to show the trade of money for the book-consumerism.


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