Studio Exercise 9

Zinnia Upson



Studio Exercise 9


For my studio exercise this week I took my dictionary and used it as an archive – a record of words used to communicate in the human language. I used video as the medium because it can show a period. My exercise this week represents the time memory and archive because the memory of language is presented through the dictionary the recording of the time passing is shown through the symbolic representations of the clocks. I based this week’s exercise off Okwui Enwezor’s article talking about the time passed in between the picture being made and processed to when it is viewed, absorbed, and interacted with by the viewers. This goes along with my flip book video to show the time the viewer is interacts with my video. I decided to make a flip book because of the visual aesthetics of the choppiness of the pages flipping emulating the ticking of the clocks hands. The individual pages can stand alone as images but when put together in motion they create this action that can only be captured by the human eye or by a video. At first I thought about taking just a video in slow motion of the pages flipping to slow down the frames to show history and to make the viewer think of the past and present but I realized I had control of the pace of the pages flipping and it reminded me of the way pages are run through by someone’s fingers when they handle a flip book then I realized I could incorporate another motion and layer of this week’s topics to the piece.


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