Studio Exercise 10

Zinnia Upson



Studio Exercise 10

This week’s reading was about Post Colonialism. We had readings about Orientalism, exhibitions, and museums by Said, Bhabha, Spivak, Coombes, and Thompson. The depiction of my object is the pocket dictionary as communication and the struggle surrounding it. I wanted to use some form of cultural appropriation due to my prior knowledge about Orientalism. My studio exercise was influenced by Coombes and Thompson’s Articles because of this attraction the western world has with putting these “Exotic” cultures on view for our comfort as a poster for a museum exhibition. We put these cultures on view to create this distance between “Us and Them” to create this wall to separate and almost put them in a petting zoo so we can appreciate “the other” from just far enough away. I used my dictionary by using the definitions and pronunciations to create this poster. I wanted to make a poster showing the words of cultural appropriation in linguistics. We say it outload, we advertise these stereotypes as a show almost, attracting audience almost in a way a circus attracts people to see the curious events at their fair. My process this week was harder than usual while trying to incorporate language and communication into a studio exercise and what I came up with was a poster advertising an exhibition. I purposely left the details of the event out because this sort of othering can be found anywhere at any museum, at any time. I wanted the appearance to be blocky and handmade almost collage like a poster that could have been made by a student for the CFAM. I used these blue tiles similar to the ones shown on the cover of Edward Said’s Orientalism, because of how frequently we take these cultural designs and use them without background knowledge or appreciation from their origin just for their aesthetic value I attempted to ramp up the inappropriate use of oriental cultures by using these Moroccan blue tiles as the background of my poster.



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