studio exercise 11

For this week’s studio exercise we had the reading topic of institutional critique. For my dictionary object representing communication and the struggle I wanted to incorporate the use of the words critique. I had a very hard time coming up with an idea for this theme because there wasn’t much about communication but more of unspoken language in the readings between the audience and the artist through the installations and through critiques. I wanted to explore this idea of windows, O’Doherty says “Where a window within the picture, in turn frames not only a further distance, but confirms the window-like limits of the frame. I also wanted to bring to light the fact that Kwon states there are “No windows or natural light within the gallery space.” Which I perceive as intentionality. I used four pages from a Latin- English dictionary I had. I wanted to use Latin because of Fred Wilsons themes of beauty. Latin is often referred to the base of all the romance languages, it is a dead language now, yet people are still learning it because it is beautiful and historic. I took the English and Latin Definitions in this dictionary and hung them in a window frame to show case them in this frame considering an older age. I showed the English definition in Latin and vice versa to show the contrast. It was a fairly older dictionary from my mother, its weathered-ness gives it an antique look as demonstrated in Wilson’s Mining the Museum, 1992, He doesn’t manipulate the object just arranges them how they are. In my studio exercise I highlighted the words on the pages of the dictionary I wanted the reader to pay attention too. I also used clothes pins and twine to keep this rustic old timey feel. I feel that the language aspect is shown nicely through my piece with the visuals of the dead language that spawned many languages after it. At first I just wanted to suspend my dictionary on the wall to have an interesting effect of how my piece would be placed into an institution but I knew I needed to dig deeper and I thought about the room, and the only window in our room has a shade on it behind the projector. So, I wanted to bring the window (mentioned by O’Doherty) into my project while incorporating history, like Fred Wilson, and while using my dictionary.


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