Photo 2 Blog Review 1

Zinnia Upson


Photo 2

Blog Review 1

When I was adding all the required blogs and i put in the Flak Photo blog in one of the related blogs was The Watershed Project by Jeff Rich. Jeff didn’t create this blog but it was written about this work. It starts off by telling us the direction in which his art has taken. He studied through his art the pollution of water and the topography of the land from the water shaping it. The author describes his style of shooting “was conflicting with the element in his camera angles to represent the relationship between man, water, and land.” He uses angles that show “man made problems to show disruption of the flow of water” I found this interesting and it made me think of Ari’s summer project where she documents signs of life coming through the concrete.

The blog speaks of sustainability and people taking care of sections of the river and creating a sense of pride in the community about what they are able to restore and it created a conversation within the watershed community about cleaning up and the history of the problem and I can see myself wanting to work this historical aspect into my senior studio adventure.


Here’s the link I reviewed :


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