Blog Review Response 2

Zinnia Upson


Photography 2

Feedly Reader Response 2

Cry of an Echo Photographs by Malgorzata Stankiewicz Reviewed by Collier Brown is the blog post I reviewed this week I picked this blog because it reminded me of a direction I spoke to dawn about going with my photos this semester. Stankiewicz takes amazing photos of Poland’s Białowieża Forest she then altars them digitally to take parts of the forest out and puts in what look like negatives with leaks but in specific planned out parts of her black and white pictures. The author of the blog post, Collier Brown describes her work as

“Stankiewicz distorts the forest. It is as if Nowhere suddenly became visible, rippling, and amoebic—its direction and motives impossible to fully anticipate. Nowhere is the pitch of darkness in a brushstroke of India ink. It is the dimming of light until each tree trunk is pinched out of existence. Nowhere also appears in the daylight: bleaching out the leaves, burning off the branches.” (Brown).

She wanted to draw attention to the decline of protection of the wildlife within the forest despite the efforts of the reserve. I feel that her images being altered are really eye catching because they are subtle but enough to make you think.





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