Final Project Proposal

Zinnia Upson


Photo 2

Final Project Proposal


In this project I intend to investigate the world around bees, whether it’s the efforts to save the bees, produce the bees pollinate, the past life of bees, abandoned beehives, old nests, etc. I basically would like to use this project as a way to investigate further into my senior studio project this semester without overlapping work. I also would like to focus on taking larger scale pictures rather than the usual printer paper sized prints I had previously experimented with.

I am going to be focusing on parts of flowers, rather than the whole while including bees in the flowers, whether they are physically on the flowers or plants. I don’t want the flower to be the subject of my work but the bee. To do this I plan on taking exposures of fragments of the flower rather than the whole thing. I have even thought about taking stock images of bees or bees I find on the internet and photoshop them into the flower fragment exposures I take. When thinking about bees that I’d like to photoshop in I have been playing with the idea of maybe photoshopping in not-so-realistic pictures of bees such as old botanist or anatomy drawings of the bees, or swarms of bees flooding to the flowers to make my final portfolio more playful and whimsical.


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