Work In Progress #1

In this project I intend to investigate the world around bees, whether it’s the efforts to save the bees, produce the bees pollinate, the past life of bees, abandoned beehives, old nests, etc. I basically would like to use this project as a way to investigate further into my senior studio project this semester without overlapping work. I want to capture nature and wild life and maybe by the lack of bees naturally appearing in my photos with photoshopped vintage drawings of bees I can convey the fact that the bee population is on a decline and they are becoming harder and harder to find so we must artificially produce.

I feel the images I chose were a mix of naturally found bee’s and some of natures prettiest flowers that will soon be gone without the pollination of the bees. Some of the flowers I chose are contenders for a graphically designed bee to be photoshopped. I chose these as my strongest prints because of the clarity and strong coloring of the photos. I took all these early in the morning when it was really bright even though some of the prints I made were in the shadows but I did them for the sake of the natural bee in the composition.

Some specific questions i have about my work to the viewer are; Can you see how my work will evolve into what i describe as my mission? Can you tell the flower is the subject for now? does the darkness of some of my photos take away or add to the seriousness of the issues I am bringing to light? Can the viewer articulate the direction I am heading with the set of photos I produced? When viewing my photographs can you see a style pattern that looks like my work? Would my prints make more sense in black and white or color?


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