Week 5 blog review

Zinnia Upson


Photo 2

Week 5 Blog Review


This week I read a blog on the exhibition LIGHT + METAL by Lori Vrba, She mixes photography and instillations with a mix of her curiosity for collecting objects. She also started creating her pieces as an adult and didn’t explore much in her childhood so I found that perplexing as someone who has been around the art community my whole life for someone to find their interest so late in life. In the interview between photo-eye and Vrba she talks about Joseph Cornell, someone I researched during my Junior Art Portfolio, he did lots of dark shadow boxes. It talks about how Vrba looks up to him “I fell in love with Joseph Cornell. To see so many of his works with my own eyes, over time, defined for me, the highest level of assemblage. It is a daunting standard that I can only hope will inspire” (photo-eye). It is cool to see such an established artist such as Vrba gush over an artist I knew by name.

Her artwork combines “imagery rooted in themes of memory, loss, revival, and the natural world.” (photo-eye). I can relate her procedure of collecting various archival items to later combine them for a piece. I also found that she works in film.  


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