blog review week 6

Zinnia Upson


Photo 2

Week 6 Feedly Read Review

For this weeks blog review I choose an article on artist, Maggie Callahan, published on AINT-BAD. I picked this artist to do this weeks blog on because of her perishable content. She takes imperfect fruits and vegetables and arranges them for a diptych and in the following photo she takes a photograph of their residue. “The sequence of the removal in each diptych explores the physicality of a photograph and its ability to capture what no longer exists…  Not unlike individuals, the fruit after interruption and exposure is immediately decaying or changing irrefutably.” (AINT-BAD) It talks about her being interested in the “Stain of the situation- the residue of the situation we can’t get rid of” and I felt that her work doesn’t apparently say that but once explained it is something anyone can relate to and understand.



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