• What was/is the initial idea, how is it evolving?

The initial idea for my portfolio was to investigate the world around bees, whether it’s the efforts to save the bees, produce the bees pollinate, the past life of bees, abandoned beehives, old nests, etc. I wanted to capture nature and wildlife and maybe by the lack of bees naturally appearing in my photos with photoshopped vintage drawings of bees I can convey the fact that the bee population is on a decline and they are becoming harder and harder to find so we must artificially produce.


  • Why do you feel the images you selected to print for this critique are your strongest, from among the group of new images? (i.e., what was your criteria for selection)

I feel as though these images i picked embody my topic the best because I actually got a good amount of bees in my exposures so I can still play around with the cutouts and with bees incorporated. My criteria for choosing these select exposures.


  • What specific questions do you have about the work in terms of how someone other than yourself might interpret the imagery?

I think some people might not understand that bees are bees are dying off at an alarming rate from my artwork but it’s okay this is more of an observation of bee life rather than to raise awareness now. I also have made two different types of photos for this critique; large prints with physical bees in them and smaller ones with cut out bees.

– Why do you feel the selected images most strongly convey your conceptual content?

I feel as thought the images I cut the bee out of prove my awareness content but the photos with the bee’s in them are formally really strong.

– How do you hope the formal treatment and scale impacts the interpretation?

I hope the brightness and composition of my photos portrays importance with how vibrant my exposures are and I hope the scale, making the bees larger than life, exemplifies the issue at hand.




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