Final Critique

Zinnia Upson


Photo 2

Artist Statement

This series of photographs investigates the life of bees through observation  Colony Collapse Disorder is a growing problem across the United States large parts of Europe, placing bee populations in danger of extinction. I wanted to go about this issue in a way that would make my viewers think about the loss by try to find these bees in their natural habitat and observe the bees where I can find them and emphasis where I cannot. Stressing the potential impact of failing to help bee populations, this project seeks to bring awareness to Colony Collapse Disorder through the suggestion of a future without these little creatures.

Though my portfolio I want to show an aspect of observing bees gathering pollen from local flowers and then to show the flowers with missing bees because of the decline in the bee population. I want the viewers to walk away from my art thinking about the impact of bees going extinct would have on our ecosystem.



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